AI and infrastructure design Robotics

What happens to infrastructure design when AI has a say?

What happens to design and consultancy in a world in which computers are doing most of our thinking? At the upcoming Australian Engineering Conference, Tim Chapman will fill us in.…
sustainable cities Sustainability

If you want sustainable cities, you need to first consider resilience

Strengthening resilience today is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable cities in the future, says one industry expert. The term 'sustainability' is often used interchangeably with 'environmentally friendly'. However, for cities,…
autonomous robots Robotics

With autonomous robots on the rise, what do engineers need to know?

As collaborative robots give way to autonomous ones, the future is not as frightening as you might think, says Professor Elizabeth Croft, presenter at the Australian Engineering Conference 2018. When…
humanitarian engineering Inspiration

The people’s engineer: Why you need to keep end users on the mind

Engineers directly and indirectly impact the lives of people in the communities in which they work. Ahead of his session at the Australian Engineering Conference 2018, Gavin Blakey, Chair of…
driverless cars Innovation

The road ahead for driverless cars is a long and winding one

There are many problems to be solved before driverless cars are widespread – and a shortage of engineering talent is one of them. The claimed benefits for driverless cars cover…
artificial intelligence (AI) Robotics

It’s time to set the record straight about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will be able to do many things – destroying the world won't be one of them, says Professor Toby Walsh. In the 2013 movie Her, a lonely man…
barangaroo Innovation

Barangaroo urban renewal project wins awards for sustainability and innovation

The Barangaroo South urban renewal project has nabbed a handful of awards from the Property Council of Australia. A focus on sustainability and innovation has paid off for Lendlease after…
space agency Innovation

Australian Space Agency has liftoff with $41 million budget boost

Experts say the government’s allocation of $41 million seed funding to establish an Australian Space Agency is a great starting point. But will it lead to sustainable support for local…

Meet Sophia, the humanoid robot that has the world talking

Sophia the humanoid robot is sure to turn heads when she makes an appearance in Sydney this September.   How much longer until we get machines with human-level capabilities? Discussions…

If a robot hurts or kills someone, is the robot responsible?

As robotics and AI become an increasingly potent force in society, previously abstract questions about how we should legislate them now need concrete answers.   As self-driving vehicles take to the…

AI for kids: New book hopes to get young readers interested in the future of tech

With robotics and AI changing our world at a rate of knots, kids need to get a handle on these concepts as soon as possible, according to Professor Michael Milford.…

In the age of digital warfare, is Australia’s cybersecurity ready?

The newest combat domain is cyberspace, and Australia needs to do more to protect its digital borders and assets from threats.   As an arena of war, cyberspace is new,…

Trust in engineering is more important than ever – here’s why

The future probably won’t be a dystopian nightmare, but it feels like the world is dangerously close to the edge. Engineers will be crucial to keeping us from tipping over,…