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Forum 1 <br>Navy Amphibious Assault Ship <br>Garden Island

Forum 1
Navy Amphibious Assault Ship
Garden Island

The Canberra-class Amphibious Assault Ship gives the Australian Defence Force one of the most capable and sophisticated air-land-sea deployment systems in the world.

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Forum 2 <br>Urban Regeneration – Barangaroo

Forum 2
Urban Regeneration – Barangaroo

Barangaroo is currently one of the largest urban renewal projects in Australia.

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Forum 3 <br>Icon Renewal <br>Sydney Opera House

Forum 3
Icon Renewal
Sydney Opera House

Since its opening in 1973, the Sydney Opera House has become an icon of modern Australia and one of the country’s premier tourist destinations.

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Forum 4 <br>Transportation <br>WestConnex Motorway

Forum 4
WestConnex Motorway

WestConnex is a 33-kilometre (21-mile) motorway currently under construction in Sydney., Once completed, WestConnex will be one of the world’s longest road tunnels.

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Forum 5 <br>Pushing Boundaries of Technological Innovations <br>UNSW, Sydney

Forum 5
Pushing Boundaries of Technological Innovations
UNSW, Sydney

UNSW sits at the heart of a sophisticated global knowledge system shaping our future. Key to that mission is to translate research into real world solutions.

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Forum 6 <br>The Harbour that Worked <br> has been cancelled

Forum 6
The Harbour that Worked
has been cancelled

We are no longer taking registrations for this Forum.

Forum 7 <br>Digital Disruption in Construction <br>Department of Defence

Forum 7
Digital Disruption in Construction
Department of Defence

Every year, Australia invests over $100 billion in buildings and infrastructure, but loses over 15% of that from wasted effort.

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Forum 8 <br>Advanced Manufacturing <br>University of Technology, Sydney

Forum 8
Advanced Manufacturing
University of Technology, Sydney

This forum discovers how UTS uses computer graphics to process complex data and streamline manufacturing.

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Forum 9 <br>Transportation – Sydney Light Rail

Forum 9
Transportation – Sydney Light Rail

The CBD and South East Light Rail is a new rail network, currently under construction.

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Forum 10 <br>Biomedical Engineering <br>ResMed

Forum 10
Biomedical Engineering

Founded in Sydney in 1989, ResMed is an Australian success story. ResMed is a world leading connected health company with more than 4 million cloud-connected devices for daily remote patient monitoring.

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Forum 11 <br>Smart Cities <br>Central Park

Forum 11
Smart Cities
Central Park

Since it was built, the Central Park building has become the new icon of Sydney.

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Forum 12 <br>Autonomous Vehicles <br>Transport for NSW, Sydney University (ACFR), Volvo

Forum 12
Autonomous Vehicles
Transport for NSW, Sydney University (ACFR), Volvo

Autonomous vehicles are one of the engineering challenges of the 21st century. Joining this forum, you’ll have two options, both of which reveal leading Australian research, development and demonstration.

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Forum 13 <br>Executing the Project Plan – The Fighter Pilot Approach

Forum 13
Executing the Project Plan – The Fighter Pilot Approach

For centuries, the most successful engineering projects were consummated with a handshake and trusting relationships.

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