For centuries, the most successful engineering projects were consummated with a handshake and trusting relationships. Then came the dinosaur moment, and a meteorite named 20% interest, changed project practices forever. Collaboration and trust became a challenge! Clients and contractors reached out to the legal profession who were happy to oblige with specialist construction groups within their practices.  Sadly, this team building culture has recently become more difficult to attain.  But engineers are not alone when it comes to project team building with a mission to accomplish.  Fighter pilots face similar challenges.

Fighter pilots operate in some of the most complex and hostile high-pressure environments, but still achieve their mission objectives 98% of the time.

They achieve this rate of success by thoroughly planning, briefing, executing and debriefing their missions. They’re also always working at improving an individual’s performance as well as the squadron’s.

In this forum, Afterburner, an Australian leader in team development, leadership and operational excellence programs, will share their team-building and high-performance secrets to help you succeed as engineers.

Drawing on years of experience in the field, a team of elite former fighter pilots and military aviators will show you how to operate more effectively and achieve top results.

You’ll learn how to assemble strong teams, coordinate staff, plan projects and carry out your mission with greater efficiency and precision – just as a fighter pilot would.

In this forum you’ll get to:

  • Work through the simple 4 step process fighter pilots use to get things done and do things better
  • See presentations containing multimedia graphics and rare aviation video footage
  • Learn how to plan missions and achieve mission success the fighter pilot way
  • Hear how to create high performance teams and a culture that fundamentally believes in success
  • Learn simple risk management tools that can be applied to any project
  • Participate in a hands-on interactive problem-solving scenario and team breakout session where participants will form “squadrons” or teams to work through hypothetical scenarios, using the pilots’ FLEX methodology, to plan a mission. Participants will learn how to apply the FLEX methodology on their projects to deliver on time and on target

Forum Speaker

Mr Christian Boucousis, Fighter Pilot (RET), Director, Afterburner Australia


Fighter Pilots
Afterburner Australia


Tuesday 18 September
0900 – 1330


ICC, Darling Harbour