UNSW sits at the heart of a sophisticated global knowledge system shaping our future. The key to that mission is to translate research into real world solutions. That’s where engineering excels. This forum provides a unique opportunity to observe internationally recognised innovations of the Engineering Faculty in sustainable mining, nanotechnology and solar power. Those attending will visit:

  • VR Simulator
    Developed by the Interactive Cinema Research Centre to showcase the Advanced Visualisation and Interaction Environment, a world-class 360-degree virtual immersing people in a three-dimensional space using stereoscopic vision which has been used by the School of Mining to develop world class training programs in mine safety.
  • Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology (CQC2T)
    The Centre is the only one in the world that can manipulate individual atoms to make atomically precise electronic devices. The research team is leading the world in the race to develop a quantum computer in silicon. This will provide an exponential increase in computational power over traditional machines and great new industries.
  • Solar Industrial Research Facility (SIRF)
    Photovoltaic engineering uses solar radiation to create electricity.  It studies the manufacture and use of solar cells, which capture and convert light from the sun to create electricity that can power virtually anything electrical.   For over two decades The University of New South Wales has been a world leader in research and commercialisation of high performance silicon solar cells.

Attendees of this offsite forum will participate in:

  • The VR simulator experiencing mine safety training
  • A forum in the CQC2T laboratories to see quantum computing research equipment
  • A forum in SIRF to see advanced manufacture of silicon solar cells

This will be followed by presentations with Q&A on quantum computers and solar power RD&D with lunch while returning to ICC.

Forum Speaker

  • Associate Professor Alistair Sproul – Head of School Photovoltaics & Renewable Energy, UNSW
  • Dr. Arne Laucht – Senior Lecturer, CQC2T


Young Engineers
ITEE College
Complex Engineering Systems Panel of CLM


Tuesday 18 September
Depart ICC: 0735
Arrive back at ICC: 1330

Departure Location

ICC, Darling Harbour

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Closed soled shoes (no ballet flats, heels or sandals permitted)

Any delegates whom do not have the above/or comply, will not be permitted to board the bus for the site visit.