Australia invests over $100bn pa in the built environment in buildings and infrastructure, but loses over 15% from wasted effort. Much of this is caused by lost data resulting in uninformed communication, unsatisfactory handover, inadequate project control and end-user dissatisfaction. Lost data is a lost return on investment and can result in a legal compliance mine field which requires that base line data be captured and passed on to supply chain members

Built environment projects essentially are a supply chain of four silos, each generating large amounts of data, the life blood of projects. Too often this data isn’t selectively captured at its source for use by later silos, as needed, by owners, designers or contractors. This results in data being:

  • either lost forever or too expensive to selectively recreate on a needs basis
  • data being “pushed” onto owners regardless of their needs for operational use or O&M requirements
  • information gaps and higher in-use costs

Digital disruption, due to inadequate systems and a blind faith in BIM, is both the cause and the potential solution to ‘Bridging the Gaps’.

 Attendees of this Forum will:

  • Visit a case study project to appreciate the challenge in providing ‘not too much data, nor too little, but just right’
  • Hear how the Department of Defence suffers from our industries data gaps with added costs and lost opportunities through lessons learnt
  • Discuss successes in bridging the gaps with financial/service benefits to end-users and supply chains
  • Hear how Australians have turned digital disruption into innovation that is exported to the world
  • Participate in a workshop to:
    • Design bridges to eliminate data gaps
    • Design a data management plan for a Defence Project
    • Plan for the projects moment of truth

The Department of Defence recognises these Gaps exist and is providing a case study project Garden Is (East) Redevelopment for the forum participants to prepare a data management plan designed to ‘bridge the gaps’ and provide a proforma for future projects.

Forum Speakers

  • Doug Fox – Project Director, Department of Defence, Capital Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Stuart Smith – Managing Director, WebFM


Society for Building Services Engineers
Asset Management Council
Society of Fire Safety


Tuesday 18 September
Depart ICC: 0740
Arrive back at ICC: 1330

Departure Location

ICC, Darling Harbour

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Closed soled shoes (No ballet flats, heels or sandals permitted)

Any delegates whom do not have the above/or comply, will not be permitted to board the bus for the site visit.